Blue Pin Luxury Accommodation
Gold Pin MusicFest Venues
Ranch Condos
Starting at $689 per person
Location About 1.5 miles from ski base
Quality Rating Moderate
Accommodations 2/2 and 3/3 units
Transportation Complimentary on Demand Shuttle Service
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen with Microwave
  • Inset Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Cable TV
  • 3 Hot Tubs
  • 2 Saunas
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Onsite Front Desk
  • Fitness Center
  • Private Balconies with Electric Barbecues
  • In-unit Washer/Dryer
  • 24-hour Message/Phone Service
  • One Car Garage
  • High-Speed Internet
Additional Information:
No pets allowed

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* Prices shown are PER ROOM. To view complete pricing chart, click here. ALL PROPERTIES ARE NON-SMOKING. Photos of lodging represent configuration of a specific room or condominium. The furnishings and fixtures in each unit may differ from the one shown here. However, when possible, a typical unit from each location is represented here. Occupancy is based on size of lodging you choose. For example, a 2 bedroom condo sleeps six: 2 per bedroom and 2 on sleeper sofa in most cases. Dickson Productions does not sell rooms above the maximum occupancy level. Most condos are owned by individuals and interior decor may vary. Total Lodging Package Price for all occupants in room includes $89 tax and service fee. Per person pricing does not include the $89 tax and service fee.